Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Clean slate of mind

Every year I like to start with a clean slate. Now everything is behind me.

I try to forget the disasters, the near misses, the disappointments, the might have beans (see what I did there).

I smile fondly at the lucky avoidance, the might have done betters, the dumb luck, the don't even think about its and the this is so wrongs.

I remember warmly and devotedly the planned and cultivated successes and the long term projects finally starting to bare fruit.

I take only experience and leave only memories. It was an interesting year.

I know that went on a bit, but sometimes I'm not always talking about vegetables here.

2011 Kicks off. I feel dumpy and saggy and several yards off the pace after an autumn confined to quarters by the weather. Luckily for me, so does everyone else.

The business of starting over

First, a quick apology. For those of you who care and check in regularly I've been absent for much of the season. This is largely due to PC and unreliable camera issues.

A quick re cap for history's sake. When we last met, our hero was....

By the time I was back on track in October there was very little left to do on the plot and all the fun stuff had finished so I bailed on the remainder of the year. Which as it turns out was just in time really, as the frosts and snows hit the UK in mid November. We had a good four weeks where you could not get a fork in the ground and then in Early December the snows came. We had about a foot of snow all over the plot and it was out of bounds pretty much until new year.

Caught up? Good.

There is still a lot to be done. Having cleaned out the shed last week, this week I have to disinfect all the pots from last year, that will be the first job. Then I'll empty the greenhouse and hose that down with Jeyes Fluid. It's all very dull, boring, cold wet, stinky but highly necessary work.

I know. It will get better.

(pics to follow)

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