Sunday, 1 June 2008

The Sunshine Home for fruit bushes.

Coryn set up the Sunshine Home for delinquent fruit bushes. We have lots of self sown and out of control fruit bushes growing among the three feet high grasses, poppy fields and award winning thistles. Many of the bushes have been identified, assessed, weeded, pruned tied, staked and smartened up.

Good Gooseberry

Raspberry rehabilitation centre

I later explained to the bushes that this is a stay of execution only and they can either fruit up or ship out. I assured them that I can always build more compost heaps.

The Loganberry and Teyberry bushes are the other side of the greenhouse and we have not reached those yet. However, they have seen what has happened to the others and know they are next on the list. I shouldn't be surprised if they prune themselves this week.

Bad Teyberry.

This Loganberry need a jolly good talking to.

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