Thursday, 17 July 2008

It's not a swiming pool.

The continuing saga of the greenhouse. Remember this wreck?

We've moved the greenhouse out of the way for a bit and in its place Harry has built some footings which will raise and support our fiendish Frankenstein greenhouse plan. Unfortunately, it does rather look like we've started making a swimming pool.
Currently we have one green house which has no glass, no door and a very suspect window mechanism. My Uncle Paul is donating his greenhouse which currently has a door and glass and an operational window.

As the greenhouses are the same size, we are going to join the two greenhouses together and glaze the two with polycarbonate. The plan is to join the back of Paul's greenhouse to the front of mine and remove the cross members that only support glass. Then the front of Paul's greenhouse provides a working door. This will leave us a Crystal Palace style greenhouse still only six feet wide but now eighteen feet long and seven feet high.

What could possibly go wrong? I'll let you know how we get on.


Greenclaws said...

I have just got into the cut and thrust of the allotment game and am looking for a cheap greenhouse, do you know where is best to go?

Rad said...

Hi greenclaws. Let me congratulate you on being my first ever comment. Ebay is your buddy. Green houses cost about £600 new but ebay will be a good deal cheaper you'll just have to wait for a local one to come up for auction and be prepared to spend about £100. They are always buyer collects. They usually start appearing around now.
Your average greenhouse will take about a day to dismantle and is surprisingly small when broken down into it's component parts. You'll need a couple of pairs or sturdy pliers a couple of screw drivers, a bucket for all the bits and some newspaper to put between the glass. A couple of mates will be useful too. Don't try to move the green house with the glass still in the roof. Aluminium flexes alot. Glass does not flex at all. :-)
Good luck.