Tuesday, 18 November 2008

On Sprouts Part i

The humble sprout. The least sexy most berated and even hated of all veg. If the sprout was an animal it would be a slug or a wasp.

Like the parsnip, the sprout suffers from early onset vegetable hatred. Everyone went off parsnips when they left a roast potato on the plate so that it could be eaten last, only to discover it was a roasted parsnip. Parsnips are nice but they ain't no roast potato.

Sprouts get a bad rep because they are the least enjoyable part of the world’s most enjoyable meal.

Whilst I'd be the first to admit that Christmas in this country has gotten way out of hand, nothing is greater than the traditional Christmas dinner. Even the vegetarian option is a wonder to behold. The sprout has made its name as the pantomime villain of the Christmas spread. Kids from early ages are expected to eat them when to the Child's palate your average sprout is basically poison.

Perhaps, like alcohol, we should not let children have some veg until they are older. No honey these are Daddy's vegetables. Eat your carrots. You can have sprouts when you are older. After all sprouts taste better than beer does.

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Greenclaws said...

Hi Rad

It's me again.

Thanks for the advice on the greenhouse, I got a great deal on Ebay in the end.

After your comments I think I may give the humble sprout a go!

ps I have grown loads of chillies both in and outside and the ones inside were huge compared to the measly ones outside. Unfortunately that may have been down to the manure I used (a bit stinky I know but it worked miracles).