Monday, 27 July 2009

Puppets to sell tomato sauce. It never would have occurred to me.

So the tomato forest is finally taking shape.

Of the three varieties that we are growing this year Roma, Gardener's Delight, and Money Maker, Roma looks the most exotic and different. It's a plum tomato and likes a lot of sun.

This batch of Roma plants, we recently discovered, are a bush plant. Which means that they get quite leafy and are very squat. Fortunately this does not detract from the fact that they are very, very heavy cropping. Look at these beauties.

The Roma tomato is your buddy if you want to make tomato sauces. Fleshy and fragrant (on the bush) their high flesh to low water ratio makes them perfect for rich sauces that can me heavily flavoured if required.

Home grown toms with home grown garlic and herbs. That's what this lark is all about. OK so I'll have to freeze it but It will still taste better than a jar of branded pasta sauce. I can't begin to tell you the unspeakable things that they do to a tomato before it becomes pasta sauce.

Here's some of my garlic...

and here are my herbs.

When's My Dolmio night? I don't have one. Now beat it and take your creepy puppets with you.

I'm off to get some new pans!

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