Friday, 15 January 2010

I miss my allotment

It's lunchtime on Friday 15th January 2010 and it looks like I might just get down to the plot this weekend.

Next weekend I have the rather large 40th birthday of a very dear friend of mine and I will not be around. the next weekend is Coryn 65th Birthday bash so it is imperative that I make an appearance this week.

There won't be much I can actually do as the soil will be too damp and cold to walk on. Soil structure at this time of year is so fragile. My dirty great size 12s stomping all over it will do no good at all. Size 12s are however very useful for preparing a firm base for planting the brassica plot later in the year.

As I am blessed with a very large greenhouse. I’ll move the tea making stuff into there and have a potter around. Perhaps I’ll prepare some pots for planting or just sit and listen to my ipod.

Seed potatoes arrive next weekend. 8 weeks til spring.

It’s been the coldest winter for many decades. But you know what? The water in the toilet bowl still hasn’t frozen. When it does, that’ll be proper cold.

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