Monday, 19 May 2008

Plant something, or spend your life hoeing dirt.

It's alive! Alive! Aaaaaaa Hahahahahahah!
Three blogs in and finally I have something planted. I decided that if I just dug over the site and did not at least plant something as I go, then I would spend all my time hoeing dirt. Where's the fun in that?

  • Four lines of rocket leaves
  • 45 Swiss chard seedlings (colourful cabbage-like leaves that crop nearly year round)
  • 18 Tomato plants (different types) Planted with flowers to attract Hover flies. Hover flies feed on the bugs that are attracted to the tomatoes. Genius!
  • One of the compost heaps is being used for butternut squash and courgettes/zuccini.
Cry God for Harry England and St George!

One half of my allotment guru team. My Dad Harry. He knows when to dig, and when to go home.

People point and laugh at my greenhouse. I sometimes join in.

After me. Raise your hand in the direction of the green house. Extend your index finger. Chuckle. Go on, get it off your chest.

I don't know Dad, it could be a triffid. What does Allen Titchmarsh have to say?

Allen says it's a Poppy. Oh well.

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