Tuesday, 20 May 2008

What's the difference between a good farmer and a bad farmer? About a week.

I'm looking around at other allotments already lush and green and rebounding from the ghastly weather that kept many from their plots in the early weeks of Spring 2008. I feel like the new kid at school. I think I'll never catch up or be like the other kids who know how everything works.

To torture an innocent metaphor further... The problem is I've started too late in the term. I have nothing prepared other than what my Mum and Dad have kindly donated to fill the vast gaps in my soil (and knowledge). I've done plenty of reading during the holidays but I've done no prep and my course work is not started.

Example:I have to plant my winter veg now. I thought winter veg grew in the winter. Kind of make sense. Right?

Nope. Winter veg do all their real growing in summer in order to survive the winter. Genius! That's nothing like the name suggests.

I was also disappointed to discover that mincemeat contains no meat and is not even minced! Please let's not get me started on Welsh rarebit.

Obviously this one has been skinned and boned. You can get your butcher to do it for you if you're a bit squeamish!

The big dig continues...

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