Saturday, 23 August 2008

Corn on the cob. Done!

Let's do this.

In the "corn jungle" at 4pm in allotment somewhere in Essex...

a little piece of magic has been happening.

This is the moment.

Dark brown tassels. I'm not talking soft furnishings or scatter cushions. My interest in tassels stops when there is no stainless steel pole involved. But not today.

If I could arrange the PRS I would have "Stay Gold" by Stevie Wonder playing at this moment.

Here it is.

The humble sweetcorn. Not frozen, not cut in half and sealed in a bag, but wrapped as nature intended; in some leaves and really annoying stringy bits. The idea is that you gently peel back a couple of leaves to reveal the corn. Give a kernel or two a squeeze. If a milky fluid escapes then pick it, you're good.

So as Gordon Ramsey would say.....

Kitchen? Yes?

Cut. Yes big boy? Excellent.


Knob. (Oh come on)



Now !~*# off out of my Kitchen.

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