Tuesday, 30 December 2008

We have a (Maris) Piper down

Those that did not make the Christmas cut.

Carrots. I'm not sure I could grow a carrot that would last into darkest December. If I could I suspect that neither I nor anyone else would be able to eat it. Face it. Carrots come from supermarkets for Christmas.

I've still got some larger beetroot in the ground but they didn't make the Boxing day table. I tried to hide the taste with a white wine vinegar and fennel seed marinade but that just made it taste like pickled beetroot. Don't get me started.

The Green Tomato chutney tastes great but I forgot to bring that to Boxing day lunch because I'm not very bright. Trust me it's lovely.

I still miss the sweetcorn but it's just not a Christmas thing in this Hemisphere.

Mint, coriander, chives, tarragon and Margoram (Oregano) will be around this time next year once i get a couple of cold frames up for them. (OK maybe not corriander) As will rocket and the Italian salad spinich leaves.

pics to follow.

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