Tuesday, 27 January 2009

January. Don't be sad don't be angry with me.

You'll be singing that for days. Go on treat yourself. Here is the link to "January" by the mighty Pilot. Actually they are not that mighty. They're quite shiny. The shiny pilot.


Happy 2009 everyone. That's got to be the latest happy new year greeting you've had.

I've had a lovely January. It started very well getting drunk with my very dearest friends at a friend's house party on new years eve. Those of you with access to my face book pages can see the carnage that ensued. I'm sometimes very glad that I always write under a Nom Du Plume. I've loved seeing your facebook party photos too.

My blood type has change from O Negative to Rioja positive and I should probably not have driven most Sundays. I'll be very sad to draw a big wobbly line under what has been a brilliant January. I have to thank all my friends for their lovely warm and cosy hospitality. xx

Harry has been by far the busiest on the plot. Construction the "Crystal Palace" style green house is approaching completion. This will have it's own post in the coming weeks as it will be the centre of operations once the weather breaks.

We had some proper snow this week. It's been nuts!

Look what some wag has written on our container. "Slippery". Really? Genius. You could have written "freezing cold" on the padlock. That would have been helpful too!
The fresh manure is rotting down nicely. Yep that's a steaming pile for sure. It's also about the warmest place in Essex right now! Doesn't smell as bad as some parts of Essex either.

I see these foot prints in the snow from time to time. I know they belong to a cat but I like to imagine that very small animals fashion stilts from twigs and walk over the snow at night. Think about it. That's the shape that tiny animal stilts would make in the snow. I think I have cabin fever. I'm going outside. I may be sometime.

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Soilman said...

Thanks for stopping by my place, Corynsboy. Yours looks even whiter and more desolate than mine!