Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Spring is here, and Stephen Morrisey is ringing in my ears

OK. I'm probably getting over excited but it has been a long, cold, bleak Winter and I'm very glad to have the sun on my back when I'm digging at the plot.

I'm less keen on the sun on my back when I'm on my way to work but until I can get my act together to become a professional sea fisherman, The Guardian's chief music critic, or vegetable and fruit consultant to the stars then I'll just have to quit moaning about that.

I'm my excitement, and to dull the boredom of long digging stints this weekend, I threw together some happy images of Spring in the beginnings of it's wiping the winter sleep from it's eyes, poking it's head out, reaching for the sky, fresh and zingy, blimey that sun is bright, blast I left my shades at home, Oh! First sun burn of the year.....glory.

I know we are likely to be due some gales, frosts and a rain storm or two still, but allow me my moment.

I suspect an infestation of infants is also immanent as I caught one in my Purple Sprouting Broccoli this week. There is no treatment for these, once you've got 'em you've got them for life. This one belongs to my brother.

As the great man said. Good times for a change. See the luck I've had could make a good man bad.

Morrissey in an Allotment blog? This is a dark place I find myself in.