Tuesday, 28 April 2009

It's all go!

These are mine. Smashing aren't they.

So with the whole of the top plot now dug over it's planting time again.

Don't worry this in not an exhaustive list of every time I put something in the ground. Lots of pics and only the key stuff.

As the greenhouse was not quite finished in time for February then most of the plants have been potted and planted at Coryn & Harry's home green house. Their green house is heated and will protect the tiny seeds from the extreams of the English winter.
pics to follow

So whilst everyone else has had plots that are filled with sprouting this and that, ours has been quite barren and bare.

One 1/4 is full of potatoes. You can't see most of these as they have only just been planted. Some have just started to poke through though.

One plot had purple sprouting broccoli and spring cabbage on it and rhubarb at the top. This has now been dug over and some carrots planted at the bottom ( that Green haze baby carrot leaves)) and onions. Mainly onions we will squeeze in some squash here too.

The other side is completely bare. This is because these 1/4s are for brassicas (top) and Tomatoes and Sweetcorn (bottom) just going in now.

The strawberries are planted in buckets around the site and we also have a bed the size of a parking space full of the little blighters. They look pretty good and my camera work isn't too shabby either. (I treated myself to a nice new tripod which was not as extravagant as it sounds)

and the beans are in. Whoop de do. Beans everyone!

No pictures of beans. Ever!

Everything else is too small to photograph at this stage and frankly it gets a bit boring without pics.

The fruit is up and running.

the trees have kicked off on time.
Full speed ahead. The frosts have past and a long hot summer is predicted. Free at last from the tyranny of English weather we might just have a proper summer. Nice.

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