Friday, 26 June 2009

The finest work songs...interupted

With an i pod full of happy work songs (Finest work songs fro the REM fans) I've been tripping down the the plot full of drive and enthusiasm.

Welcome to the best part of the year. Everything is growing and as I only see the plot a couple of times a week there is a massive difference to every plant every time I visit. Work done in June pays off for the whole season.

Of course ther is a lot of weeding to do. It's my least favourite thing to do. I feel like Sisyphus pushing his boulder. Everyone will tell you if in doubt... weed. Everytime you visit the plot you should do some weeding. I do and frankly it's a bit boring.

I plug in my ipod and try and get in the frame of mind to clear an area or weeds and then every five minutes some one interupts me (probably in an attempt to sherk their own weeding routine) and I end up having to stop.

I've started the slow recognition routine and it seems to work.

First, ignore the first words anyone says when you have your ipod in. That will deter the casual time theif.

Second, once they have your attention a little mock surprise always sells the first ignored sentence.

Third, fumble with the ipod and make a fuss of taking out ear phones. An overly loud "Oh Hang on" also helps especialy if delivered in a tone which says "whatever you are bothering me with had better be good".

Finally a quick "sorry about that, I was in the middle of something" should shame the current interloper into making it quick or revising the "hot enough for you" opener that you have already done so well to ignore.

I'm not a bad person (that's not strictly true) and most of the time I enjoy the gentle banter of the allotmet society members and we are very fortuante that everyone I've met at the plot is plesant and genial. Hoever look what I get done when I get some time to myself!

Not a weed in site.

Look at my lovely tomatoes I've tied them up for the second time and weeded them thoroughly.

I've also manured a part of the bed that seems not to have been covered during the winter. It all looks rather lovely. It's the poster bed for the allotment society.

I can't tell you all the scraping around on my hands and knees I did to make that look so smashing. Hand weeding! Errgh!

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