Monday, 8 June 2009

A very green house

It's very difficult to put into words the level of knowledge, skill and determination required to transform something that is a beaten up, abandoned wreck into something that is designed to function better than any shop bought version of itself could ever do.

Our greenhouse is a triumph of will. One Greenhouse that was on it's last legs and in danger of falling to bits in the next decent gale was renovated and then joined together with another green house (donated to us by my sadly departed Uncle Paul) the measurements of which were slightly different by a matter of only a few inches. A few very crutial few inches as it turned out. A few inches taller and wider means that every single section has to be cut down to size and fitted individually. Then it has to be glazed.

I can't begin to tell you the effort that went in to going from this

to this.

Needless to say Harry is single-handedly responsible for this transformation. I true monument to his ingenuity.

Lets see if I can do it some justice.

from a very unpromising start

The footings were dug and poured

I swear that our plot neighbours thought we were building a koi pond!Then the old greenhouse was dug up and out and kicked around and tried on for size. Nice Job!
The other green house was cut up and fitted and two courses of bricks layed to fit the two structures together to level the roof lines.
Then both structers were tied to a wooden batton bolted to the bricks.
A spot of carzy paving for the path. Hey, no one said it couldn't be groovy!

Weed membrane down.

We couldn't easily mix all the concrete to float a full concrete floor so we improvised with some slabs.

Cheers Dad

Up and running now...

Red peppers
Rather grotesque cucumbers
'Erbs man.


Bob Nobody said...

What a labour of love! Fantastic, well done ;o)

Rachael said...

An amazing job - well done!

Callum said...

I know how you feel with putting up a greenhouse, done mine 2 weeks ago with my dads help its got to be the hardest thing ever.

Free said...

I'm loving your greenhouse! Totally jealous, now I want one too.

It's a great feeling to have made something yourself isn't it. A massive pat on the back for Harry!