Monday, 8 June 2009

Like solidiers on parade

Just in case it never occurred to you, the reason we plant veggies in rows is because weeds hardly every grow in straight lines.

On allotment plots across the country transformations at this time of year, whilst common place, are still no less remarkable. I'm already measuring where we are now against this time last year.

Take a look at this....

A beautiful sunny Saturday morning in early June 2009

the following day

Here's what we started with in lateMay 2008.

I've actually had very little to do with most of the planting on the top plot this year. Due to my holiday absence I missed a lot of the planting on the top plot and much of the planting that remained was done as required not when I could get to the plot.

So I'm as interested to see these pictures as you hopefully are.

The Sweetcorn forest has been reinstated. Coryn's not as hopeful about this lot as she was about last years crop but I can tell you that all the effort put into the soil should yield magnificent results.
The tomato jungle also makes a welcome return. I'll do a tomato based post in a couple of weeks.
Money Maker, Gardener's Delight and Roma are the tree plants this year and we've got a whole load of cherry tomatoes in buckets at the side of the green house. MM & GD are standard fare in the tomato world but Roma are a little different, they are reasonably heavy cropping and as good as they are for eating they make much better sauces.

Cherry tomatoes are in buckets buy the side of the Green house. We're good for toms and if you have never had my home grown toms then you are in for a treat this summer.

Cabbages are in. Cauliflowers, broccoli, sprouts and PSB (summer version) are all in attendance this year. Great to have you back fellas.

Harry hard at planting cauliflowers that ironically he really not a fan of.
....and last but not least the mighty salad buckets are up and running. Coryn's got a leek nursery on the far bucket. Baby leeks Baby!

More to follow. I'll be back to four or five posts a month now I recon.

I've just sorted out the ghastly Java settings on my PC so with a bit of luck I'll get some pics up with out having to wrestle each one for hours on end.

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