Wednesday, 23 September 2009

History repaets itself, first as tragedy then as farce.

Oh look at these terrible things. Leek Worm (Who knew?) and paper leaf invasion have put paid to all my vast leek bed this year.

It's a disaster zone. I really should air lift this lot out of here. This happened last year too. We ended up drafting in shop bought baby leeks to cover the gaps. Too late for that this year. We grew all our leeks in a raised bed on the plot. You can just see them peeping over the top of the far blue barrel.

We had hundreds. Really. We planted about 120 gave away most of the rest to our plot neighbours. Most of our plot neighbours have the same problem too. Err. from the leeks we gave them. Ouch!

C'est la vie is becoming a bit of a theme this year.

Maybe it's a Karma thing. Perhaps giving away most of our leeks wasn't enough to square me with Krishna this year. On reflection...........Krishna is probably right.

I'll perceiver for a while yet. All but three leeks have been cut back to a couple of inches from the ground. I have thoroughly fed and watered the remaining leeks and removed dead leeks from the bed. Hopefully in this non hostile atmosphere they can thrive and become the Leek-opolis I had dreamed of for this winter.

Mmmm. The gaps are very conspicuous.

It's bad enough I lost all my corn this year. I'm hope I'm not going to loose my leeks too.
A close up of the kill or cure technique. Brutal.

Hari Hari!

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