Monday, 21 September 2009

Mellow sunday afternoon

Being at the plot yesterday just reminded me of the good bits of this time of the year. It felt like one of those lovely lazy Sunday afternoons.
The things that need doing you can linger over. You can relish the job for the gentle art involved, and the reward is the job itself. There is an imperative with no deadline.

See. Notice no spade. Tea, milk, kettle, burner, Ipod, camera, phone,Carol Klein book, hang over cookies and of course a marrow. I have no idea what that is doing there. Honestly, this picture was not set up. The kettle is of course on.
Sundays man. Watching Marx Bros films on TCM, hot (Duck?) soup and crusty bread rolls or tidying the herb patch and pottering in the greenhouse. Golden days.

It's a special time of year. Foot off the gas baby. We'll coast this bit.

Some of you may have caught the original verion of this post. I was asked to revise the post. Only a reference to the Marx Bros and duck soup remain.

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