Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I've said it before. It's not all dirt and turnips.

So I've been absent for a few weekends recently.

Reason one. Java settings. Or as I like to call it Javaaarrrggghhh! Some how I've managed to prevent my PC from uploading photos to websites including facebook and my blog. Fixed. Relived but puzzled but I suspect that is not a thread that I want to pick at.

Reason two.

This bloke
Yes that's Tony Christie. Avenues and Alleyways.

and these

but we were not with the Clanggers. We were dressed as Coneheads. In the very unlikely event that you too were at the best kept secret somewhere just north of the M25 this summer then you probably saw me that weekend. Probably? No, you saw me.

and reason Three.

I was here

doing this

and watching the Muse homecoming gig in Teignmounth.

Pronounced "Tin mouth". You not fram round 'ere bay.

No turnips. It was quite dirty.

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John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

I saw Mr Cristie in 1988 in york.......
good blog