Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Spring Fever

It's getting hot in here.

Spring Fever: Noun: The overwhelming urge of all gardeners to plant everything they can on any available bit of land at the first sing of spring.

I love this time of the year!

In the greenhouse everything I touch turns green! Doesn't it feel brilliant?

Seed, pot, compost, water. Every one's a winner.

Everything has come up and I'm feeling good.

Salad panted on 1st March is now up and running

The Asparagus has landed. More on that fascinating occurrence later.

The potatoes are chitting and thanks to Harry the earlies (Swift Variety) are already planted and kicking on a pace. I expect broken ground any day now.

Look at my lovely tomato plants!


Yep Sorrel. French, small, bitter and not well loved, It's the Nicolas Sarkozy of the salad world. I however, perhaps because of my vague French background, love the stuff.

If you get a chance, bung some in your salad mix. It's slower growing than most leaves, and whilst most herbs are very easy to cut sorrel is far more difficult.

It's a wewll known fact that .......... wait for it.

Sorrel seems to be the hardest herb.


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